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The Embassy

Baku, Azerbaijan

The Netherlands Embassy in Baku represents the Dutch government in Azerbaijan and promotes the interests of Dutch citizens, institutions, companies and other organizations. Applications for Schengen visa for the Netherlands are processed by the embassy of France in Baku.

Doing Business

with Azerbaijan & the Netherlands

For many years already, companies of the Netherlands have been active in the Azerbaijani market and the interest among companies still continues to grow.

Netherlands Embassy in Baku

96 Nizami street,
Landmark Building I, 3rd floor
Baku, Azerbaijan

(+99412) 465 99 22


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UNSC Candidate

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Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan

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September 25, 2015 The embassy of the Netherlands in Baku does not possess a consular section. To obtain a visa you must go to the French embassy in Baku, which is responsable for the distribution of the Schengen visa. For more information on how to acquire this visa, visit this website: An external bureau called TLS will handle the request. You will first need to make an appointment with TLS through the following link:

September 15, 2015 On the third Tuesday in September (Prince's Day) the Dutch government announces its plans for the coming year. The King travels in the Golden Coach to the Hall of Knights in The Hague where he reads the Speech from the Throne. Later that day, the Minister of Finance presents the National Budget and the Budget Memorandum to the House of Representatives in the ceremonial briefcase. On, you can read the summary of the Budget Memorandum, the press release and the key statistics and also the press release of the Tax Plan. Want to read more about Prince’s Day and the art of budgeting? You can find the official documents on and (in Dutch). On, you can find the Rijksfinanciën Online, the online magazine with all the official documents, news and background stories.